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The purpose of this podcast is to stimulate meaningful, significant and powerful conversation about the topics that effect our daily lives. Some of the content is silly, some serious....but it is all designed to raise awareness in a playful way! My desire to do this far outweighs my means to so the first few episodes are bare bones podcasts.... no magic, bells or whistles. Just me and my cell phone working together to send a powerful message! We hope you like. Wh hope you send us feedback...keep it funny and thoughtful though....hopefully together our conversations will help change the world....Can One Gay Guy accomplish such a feat? Well I'm gonna try. Hopefully you will watch this podcast blossom into something really neat! We'll see!
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While same sex marriage was legalized in 2015, the LGBTQI community took some pretty rough hits in 2016. (You know what I'm talking about.) Consequently, the world will be much different for us all in 2017.

This podcast is "One Gay Guy's" attempt at making a difference for all of us. Some listeners might be out there lonely because they have finally come to terms with their sexuality but worry that their family and social circle won't be able to. Some listeners don't know how to come out. Others have been ostracized and isolated to the point of depression...pondering suicide. I have been there. I know what all of these feelings are like. You are not alone in this world.

This podcast is designed to playfully discuss issues relevant to the LGBTQI etc community. We will discuss culture, art, music, politics, religion and a variety of other topics. As beginners we are starting bare bones here so it is our hope that you will also have the opportunity to watch us grow from a baby podcast-ling to a full blown adult, strong, fully loaded podcast. Along the way we hope to keep you company, keep you entertained, inspired, and on your toes when it comes to advocacy.

Can One Gay Guy change the world? Well I look at it like this.... if I can help a baby gay feel more comfy in his or her skin.....if I can ease someone through the coming out process, if I can take away your loneliness on your drive to work or while you are trying to fall asleep at night.....mission accomplished. So imagine what we can all do if we worked together.....

Jan 6, 2017

The Right to Marry and the Sacriment of Holy Matrimony....TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS yet society has them as backed up and confused as Mariah Carey's NYE performance.  This confusion extends further than we think. Our country was founded by people who were fleeing religious persecution but somehow we have found ourselves in a situation where a majority of religious people forget that not everyone follows their religion or practices it.... so in an effort to force us into submission they have turned to legislation, There is this mentality of "Well, if we cannot make them stop their sins and follow our God's rules we will have the government do it" This is not talked about often but I truly believe this is a thing....and it is happening at pandemic rates. We need clear lines in our society regarding right and wrong. Just because abortion or being gay or eating shrimp is illegal in your bible, religious circle or culture (I'm willing to bet you have broken at least one of those rules)..... don't hold me to that standard.... I respect your beliefs but the coin has two sides and we must be respectful of the beliefs of others.